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It's not about E-Commerce.
It's about R-Commerce.

The key to successful business
on the Internet or anywhere

It is often easy to think that the technology alone will drive our business. This is wrong and has always been wrong. It will be wrong in the future. The key to successful E-Commerce is not about the E, the Electronic part. The key is the R-Commerce, the relationship on which the commerce is based.

"You provided us with tangible insights into solving problems and helped our executives to communicate in a clear, business-like and engaging way. I very much appreciated both your professionalism and your skill. Your preparation for the presentation training was superb and the feedback from all participants was most complimentary."

Dallas McDonald, Global Communications Development Manager, Shell Chemicals

This dynamic, educational and inspiring message shows you how building on relationships helps in business both on and off the Internet.

Topics Offered Include:

  • What your customers are looking for in online commerce.
  • Why it is not "either or", but "both and."
  • How the "Sam Drucker" approach will work miracles for your business in today's tight economy.
  • Why speed is important and how you can get it along with efficiency.
  • 3 practical ways you can implement technology in your company for profitability and stakeholder buy-in.
  • How to outsmart the competition with some of the oldest techniques in business---polished up and revved up for the 21st Century!
  • How to implement a system that keeps customers delighted and willing to do business with you---even with higher prices than the competition!
  • 3 Key Internet strategies to stay in touch without using spam. Get specific, up-to-the-minute technologies that can assist you in sales and marketing to gain more customers and market share.

Bring your toughest, real-world questions and learn how to adapt to today's highly competitive world. Get the information you need for making the right decisions in today's market.

Unlike any presentation you've seen before

See how the latest in computers and technology can change your life. Combine the latest and most effective technologies (demonstrated live for you) with specific customer care steps for the ultimate in business success.


As part of this program, Terry will offer FREE advice and consulting after the program to answer any further questions you might have.

To Book this Program

Contact Terry at: 407-363-0505, terry@terrybrock.com, www.terrybrock.com, Orlando, Florida-based.

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